The Essence of our company

Besides enriching your environment, enhancing your atmosphere, improving your productivity and benefiting your health, Breathable seeks to create social value. We believe that all stakeholders can benefit from our service and that the creation of societal value does not have to be a trade off with profitability. We are not a conventional company that just aims at making the most profit. Our actions will serve our core values, which are to create a business that serves society without exploiting stakeholders, while creating a Breathable environment for everyone. Moreover, a part of possible profits will be devoted to make our service cheaper for those people to which our service has the most added value, patients with respiratory problems.

We ensure that your employees, students, family and you yourself can live healthier and more productive lives. This way we create a win-win situation, in which the investment will quickly prove to pay for itself. We deliver to everyone, big and small. This way, we make our service available to you and many others!


Breathable ensures that your personal preferences will be processed in our calculations. You might be looking for a certain image or style, in which certain plants will just not do the trick. In that case, we will propose the best alternatives. We are only satisfied when you are happy with the result.

Please note that Breathable will warn you when plants chosen will not be optimal for your atmosphere. We will inform you about possible consequences for your health & productivity benefits. There will never be unexpected costs. When for some reason you are not satisfied, that’s on us, not you!

Eventually, we will provide the desired arrangement and design of your plants. After all, the position and combination of plants is of course essential to the realization of a pleasant environment. All that’s left, is for you to enjoy your improved atmosphere.