Our Formula

Our service is based upon scientific research, part public and part privately available. Various scientists have shown that plants can have a positive effect on health, stress, mental state, productivity and creativity. However, every plant has other traits. The one produces four times more oxygen than average, while another one is very successful in extracting volatile chemicals from the air, like carbon-mono-oxide and sulfates. Furthermore, many plants very effectively extract particulate matter (PM) from the air!

A right combination of plants is essential for an optimal atmosphere. When wrong plants are put in a room, they could even be counterproductive, and lead to other unwanted effects, like high humidity and a decrease in oxygen levels or allergic reactions like hayfever.

Breathable takes into account

  • Existing ventilation systems
  • Doors & Windows
  • Humidity
  • Oxygen levels
  • CO2 concentration
  • Level of Particulates (PM)
  • Size of the room
  • Amount of sulfates
  • Various other harmful chemicals
  • Average amount of people in the room
  • Use of the room
  • Light intensity
  • Positioning of the room
  • Desired effects
  • Allergies
  • Personal preferences
  • Place in the room
  • Design

Furthermore, every plant has other needs. Some flourish in fertile soils with lots of water and much sunlight, while others prefer shadow with relatively little water. Some plants rather want to avoid wind or being close to a heating system. For others, it will not matter too much.

Therewith, the combination and positioning of plants in your room is essential to the creation of a desired atmosphere.

Our knowledge enables us to create a perfect atmosphere for almost every room. We would like to make you experience the amazing impact it has on your environment.