Breathable wants to provide people, companies and institutions with the knowledge to create an optimal atmosphere in every room! We offer you scientifically underpinned and professional advice.

We value personal contact with every customer. No call centers, deceptive customer service or fully outsourced e-mail contact. We rather come and make a personal visit to give you proper advice and answer every question you might have.

Of course, the price of our consultancy is strongly dependent on the size, shape and number of rooms. For big clients (Company / institutional buildings) we gladly come and make a visit in order to give an accurate indication of the costs. For you, there are no further obligations attached to this assessment.

For smaller orders, we will gladly give you a price indication upon retrieval of the estimated size and number of rooms to be assessed. For an average sized living room, this will likely be no more than 40 Euros.


You areĀ never obliged to buy (or hire) plants or pots from us. However, you might want to consider it. The prices will be about the same as those of large gardening centers close to you, often even lower. Moreover, consultancy will often be free when purchasing our plants. This way you get a professional, scientifically underpinned consult and the right plants, for about the same price.

We want to help people, and we will not do so by making as much profit as possible but by reducing prices when we can.

The kind of plants can vary a lot. This is dependent on many factors (see: Our formula). Your personal preferences can play a significant role. Essentially, we can deliver every kind of plant. However, the most frequent kind of plants, used by us for creating a healthy atmosphere can be seen in the pictures on our website.


We believe everybody is able to take care of the plants. However, if you are afraid you might not be able to take care of the plants yourself, we can do it for you.

When doing so, we will just compose an easy, hands-on, service contract, which will state that its our responsibility to take care of your plants and that we will substitute them in case one will die. Note that most plants can last for 10’s of years when you take good care of them. They are a lasting source of health, productivity and joy, for everyone around!